We offer our customers professional drilling of holes in steel, including steel pipes. The equipment and methods used ensure not only the aesthetics of the drilling, as the holes are characterised by a smooth surface, but, above all, the safety of the material being drilled.
We have equipment that enables us to drill deep holes in steel, as well as shallow drilling of various metal objects made of hard alloys.


Drilling into steel tubes

A separate category of services offered to our customers is drilling in steel tubes. Orders are realised on the basis of a submitted design, specifying the precise location of individual holes, their diameter and depth. The drilling methods used and the equipment we have at our disposal eliminate the risk of deformation of the material as a result of the pressure exerted by using the drill bit.
If you are looking for a reliable company that specialises in drilling in steel, we look forward to working with you! Simply contact us to obtain detailed information on the scope of our services and the deadline for their implementation. The order quotation is made immediately on the basis of the project sent to us. We are distinguished by our punctuality, therefore, by entering into cooperation with Stalnox, you have a guarantee that your order will be realised in accordance with the previously agreed schedule.

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