MAG Wedling

MAG welding, performed using a consumable electrode in an active gas shield, is a way of permanently joining metal structural components and machine parts. We offer welding services to our customers which are characterised by the highest quality welds and cost-effectiveness.
Mag welding is a guarantee of durable joints, regardless of the material being welded. Due to its excellent properties, mag welding is used primarily in the construction industry, as well as in the widely defined automotive sector. When carrying out orders, we use first-class equipment and materials that ensure high joint strength.

spawanie mig

MIG MAG welding machine

A high-quality mig mag welding machine does not only speed up the work, but above all increases the quality of seams. Being aware of this fact, we continue to invest in modern equipment, which makes it possible to complete almost every order. Welding machines are designed to work efficiently, ensuring that materials are joined with the expected durability and strength.
In order to weld materials accurately during processing, we use a welding magnet to facilitate the lifting or holding of the workpieces to be welded. In the welding process, in addition to the equipment and necessary accessories, the skill of the welder also matters. The quality and durability of the joints depend on them, which is why we have built up a team of employees with theoretical and practical training in welding metals and their alloys in various positions.


Magnum welding machine

Providing comprehensive welding services for a variety of materials, we use high-quality Magnum welding machines in our work. This equipment allows us to produce almost every element of the steel structure, according to the documentation provided by the client. We provide professional support at all stages of the order’s realisation, offering the best solutions to ensure the highest quality and durability expected by the investor.
We would like to invite you to contact us and find out more about the details of our offer, which includes Mag welding. Simply contact us to obtain any information on the scope of work we can perform. On the basis of the documentation you send us, we will be able to determine the deadline for the service, as well as pricing it precisely. We are punctual, which is why, when you start working with us, you can be sure that all the work will be completed according to a previously agreed schedule.

spawanie migomatem
MAG welding


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