MIG Welding

Among the services offered to our clients there is MIG welding. It is performed with a consumable electrode shielded by chemically inert gases. This method is perfect for welding aluminium, copper, magnesium, titanium and other non-ferrous metals. With many years of experience and high quality mig mag welding machines, we carry out orders for both individual customers and companies.
From the beginning, our main focus has been on quality, which is why we continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment as well as training for our team. As a result, we can offer our customers welding machines using the mig method characterised by durability and precision of joints. This solution is most often practised in the construc

spawanie mig

MIG welding machine

As we have mentioned before, we place a great deal of emphasis on equipping the factory properly, above all with modern equipment such as a mig welding machine. We use equipment manufactured by brands recognised on the market, which are known for their durability, high quality and efficiency. The semi-automatic welding machine /migomat/ enables precise joining of aluminium, copper or other nonferrous metals and their alloys.
Depending on the customer’s expectations and the type of material supplied, we offer welding of all steel structures, such as tanks, containers, ventilation ducts or architectural elements such as platforms and railings using the MIG method. Thanks to modern equipment and a team of experienced employees, the joints are not only durable, but also aesthetic, which is of particular importance in the case of decorative elements of buildings.


Gasless semi-automatic welding /migomat/

We also offer gasless semi-automatic welding. In this case, we use a special self-shielded wire with a top cover. We have welding machines of
different power capacities, which enables us to join materials of even considerable thickness. We adapt the welding method to the type of material and its purpose. We offer our customers professional support in the selection of the method of joining metal elements, so that the seam is of high strength.
If you are looking for high-quality MIG welding services, we would like to invite you to contact us. Our specialists will present the details of our offer, as well as the conditions of future cooperation. All you need to do is to send us the documentation of the structural elements to be made, so that we can prepare a comprehensive quote for the work. All our welding services are covered by a warranty.

spawanie migomatem
MIG welding


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