Plasma Cutting

Among the services offered by our company you will find plasma cutting. We have equipment that enables us to quickly cut through materials, even of considerable thickness. Precise plasma cutting ensures a small cutting gap and good surface quality. The strength of our offer lies not only in our extensive and modern machinery, but also in our team of employees with excellent theoretical and practical training.


Plasma for cutting metal

Plasma for metal cutting is a plasma arc which glows between the electrode of the machine and the material to be cut. This method of metal processing involves fusing and ejecting material from the slots. The method can be used with any metal that conducts electricity well. The distinguishing features of plasma sheet metal cutting are, above all, precision and high speed. The minimisation of overburning of thin metals and the automation of the cutting process are also not insignificant.

Plasma cutting of low-carbon steel allows even material of considerable thickness to be processed. The technology used in the cutters is responsible for the precision of the cut. The plasma arc melts the metal, while a high-speed gas blows the material out of the created gap. Unlike traditionally used gas cutting, the metal does not undergo a combustion process. We use gases of the appropriate purity for our orders, which guarantees high cutting efficiency and precision.


Plasma cutting - price list

Our offer for plasma cutting has a diversified price list, depending on the type of material and its thickness. We price all orders individually, based on customer requirements and the technical specifications of the material to be cut. The value of the service also depends on the type of cut – basic, bevel, template or gouging. Simply contact us for a detailed price list of plasma cutting services.

Plasma cutting


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