Tracking devices

Tracking devices

Photovoltaics on the move, is unlike any other, the east-west, north-south drive is simple but innovative, by using these drives we have been able to significantly reduce manufacturing and operating costs. Until now tracking devices have been expensive, not very competitive with ‘ground’ installations and also some failures have been hard to fix, we have changed this. Thanks to the solution, we are able to obtain 50% more energy from the installation, the big advantage is the production of energy for a longer period of time, the self-consumption increases, and therefore “money stays in the pocket” and the grid “does not heat up”.

At the moment, we are able to install 5.4 kWp on the tracking device (resulting in an installation of 8.1 KWp). The system has been patented, CE documentation has been created, it has worked in simulation for 10 years!!! There are already three installations in place. We wanted more and came up with the idea of creating a support structure that would allow tracking devices to be used in places such as:

car parks


railway tractions


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